College Health Center-Based Alcohol and Sexual Violence Intervention

Funding Source: NIAA/NIH 5R01AA023260-03

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD


A Cluster-Randomized Trial for Middle School Gender Violence Prevention Program

Funding Source: NCIPC/ NIH 5R01CE002543-03

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD


Endangering Healthy Masculinities to Prevent Sexual Violence

Funding Source: NCIPC/ NIH 5R01CE00243-03

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD


Enhancing Care Provider Skills in IPV and Reproductive Coercion Assessment

Funding Source: NICHD/NIH 5R02HD079507-02

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD and Judy C. Chang, MD, MPH


Tailoring Clinical Interventions for Adolescent Relationship Abuse

Funding Source: NICHD/ NIH 5K24HD075862-04

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Miller, MD, PhD

Buprenorphinee Assignment in Pregnancy: Objective Criteria

Funding Source: NIDA/NIH 1K23DA038789-01A1

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth E. Krans, MD, MSc


Comparison of Two Screening Strategies for Gestational Diabetes

Funding Source: NICHD/NIH5RO1HD079647-03

Principal Investigator: Esa M. Davis, MD, MPH


Effects of State Prenatal Substance Use Policies On Access to Treatment and Birth Outcomes

Funding Source: BIRCWH Pitt

Principal Investigator: Marian Jarlenski, PhD, MPH


Facilitating HCV Treatment Through Tailored Prenatal Care for HCV Infected Substance Using Pregnant Women

Funding Source: NIDA/NIH 5R21DS039345-02

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth E. Krans, MD, MSc


Optimizing Health Through Pregnancy Through One Year Postpartum: A Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART) of Perinatal Life Style Intervention

Funding Source: NHLBI/NIH R01HL13257801A1

Principal Investigator: Michele D. Levine, PhD


Relationship of Loss of Control Eating to Excessive Gestational Weight Gain

Funding Source: NICHD/NIH R01 HD068802-05

Principal Investigator: Michele D Levine, PhD


Supporting AI/AN Mothers and Daughters in Reducing Gestational Diabetes Risk

Funding Source: NINR/NIH R01 NR014831-02

Principal Investigator: Denise Charron-Prochownik, PhD, RN, CPNP et al.


Understanding the Beliefs, Concerns, and Needs of Pregnant Patients Who Use Marijuana and of the Obstetrics Providers Caring for Them

Funding Source: NIDA/NIH 1R56DA040617-01

Principal Investigator: Judy C. Chang, MD, MPH


Preventing Perceived Insufficient Milk:Development of a Text Message-Based Intervention

Funding Source: NINR/NIH R00NR015106

Principal Investigator: Jill Demirci, PhD, RN


Mycoplasma genitalium, differentiated Ureaplasma species, and pregnancy outcomes

Funding Source: NIAID/NIH 5R21AI114907-02

Principal Investigator: Catherine L. Haggerty, PhD, MPH

Mechanisms Linking Hot Flashes to Cardiovascular Risk

Funding Source: NHLBI/NIHR01HL105647-05

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Thurston, PhD


Menopausal Vasomotor Symptoms an Brain Imaging in Women

Funding Source: NIA/NIH1RF1AG053504-01

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Thurston, PhD


Interdisciplinary Mentoring and Research in Women’s Cardiovascular Health

Funding Source: NHLBI/ NIH5K24HL123565-03

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Thurston, PhD

Examining Contraceptive Use and Unmet Need Among Women Veterans

Funding Source: NIH 2015 I01 VA

Principal Investigator: Sonya Borrero, MD, MS


Investigating Racial Differences in Low-Income Men’s Fertility Intentions and Behavior

Funding Source: NICHD/NIH R21 HD076327

Principal Investigator: Sonya Borrero, MD, MS


Developing and Testing a Decision Support Tool for Women Making Tubal Sterilization Decisions

Funding Source: NIMHD/NIH R01MD011678-01

Principal Investigator: Sonya Borrero, MD, MS


Cryopen: An Innovative Treatment for Cervical Cancer Pre-Cancer in Low- Resource Setting

Funding Source: NCI/ NIH 4UH3CA189883-04

Principal Investigator: Miriam Cremer, MD, MPH